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​Hypnosis, Reiki, Guided Meditation, Therapeutic Touch and VortexHealing ® Divine Energy Healing in NYC

​​Susan Cutter Healing Arts - Quick Reference:

​​Susan Cutter Healing Arts offers the following services:

REIKI HEALING SESSION: A private 60 minute Reiki healing session - $75, or purchase a 3 session package for $210.

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH HEALING SESSION: A private 40 minute Therapeutic Touch healing session - $50.

SPIRITUALIST HEALING SESSION:  Spiritualist Healing is a form of mediumship where the Healing Medium attunes to Spirit and facilitates the flow of resulting beneficial energies to the client.  It does not require any form of religious belief.  All that is needed is an open mind and the ability to sit with me in complete focused silence for 40 minutes.  During the session, I may ask permission to place my hand lightly on the client's shoulder or back. Otherwise, there's no physical contact.  A session may include either one or two clients.  Introductory offer - $20 per client per session.    

GUIDED MEDITATION HEALING GROUP for the COMMUNITY: Held on the 3rd Sunday of each month, this group is a volunteer TT practitioner initiative held at Genesis Tree of Life Yoga and Wellness Center. I lead a 60 minute guided meditation, and attendees also receive a brief Therapeutic Touch treatment. This unique group combines the healing strengths of deep relaxation and the Therapeutic Touch healing modality. $5 for first time attendees and $10 for others.  Monies collected benefit the Genesis Tree of Life Yoga and Wellness Center.

PRIVATE GUIDED MEDITATION HEALING GROUP: A 60 minute group including a guided meditation and brief Therapeutic Touch treatments for each client. The Groups include between 3 and 5 clients - $20 per attendee. Consider booking a Group with your family, colleagues or friends. Given a few days' advance notice, I’m happy to create a Guided Meditation to support the specific goals of your group!

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH HEALING GROUP: A 2 hour practice group that meets monthly and is attended by Therapeutic Touch practitioners and individuals who are interested in studying Therapeutic Touch in the future. This group provides practitioners an environment within which they can use and improve their TT skills. I am the group's coordinator/TT mentor.  The TT Healing Group meets at the New York Theosophical Society in Manhattan. Your donation of $5 or more benefits the New York Theosophical Society.

HYPNOSIS SESSIONS: As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, I guide you through hypnosis sessions targeted to achieving your goals!  Your initial session will be 1.5 to 2 hours ($130) followed by one or more 45-55 minute progress/reinforcement sessions ($90 each).  Please visit "The Power of Hypnosis " page of this website for more information.

Hypnosis Works!

Hypnosis has been proven to be a successful intervention with:

  • Sweets or food addiction
  • Self Sabotage
  • Pain
  • Self Esteem
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress management
  • Motivation
  • And more!​



 Reiki Healing Session - 60 Minutes $75
Therapeutic Touch Healing Session -  40 Minutes$50
 Spiritualist Healing Session - 40 Minutes$20 per client
 Guided Meditation Healing Group - 60 Minutes ( 3 - 5 clients per group ) $20 per client

 Hypnosis- Initial Session (90 -120 Minutes) 


 Hypnosis -Subsequent Sessions (45 - 55 Minutes ) $90

Services & Rates

My intention is to encourage you to take that first step towards playing an active part in managing your own wellness. Better health and a happier life are reachable goals. The art of healing lies within each of us!

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