As a Consulting Hypnotist certified annually by The National Guild of Hypnotists,   Susan Cutter’s  practice focuses on helping people to resolve everyday problems.  Hypnosis provides strong support for changes in self-confidence, motivation, stress management, sleep patterns, eating or smoking habit control and more.  Hypnosis is also a valuable adjunct to both medical care and psychotherapy. Susan has completed supplemental coursework in Age Regression, Pain Management and HypnoCoaching. 

Light trance or hypnosis is a normal state for all of us. We drift in and out of a hypnotic, or trance, state on a daily basis without even noticing it. For example, you might be commuting to work while your mind is absorbed in planning your evening out. Suddenly, you've arrived at work and are looking forward to a wonderful evening, but realize that you can't remember anything at all about your commute! We don't notice these trance states because they are a normal facet of our experience.

People generally experience deep relaxation during a Hypnosis session, emerging from hypnosis rested, with renewed optimism and a sense of purpose.

Your subconscious mind is a powerful resource.  It contains the  memories, feelings, judgments and programming you innocently absorbed up through about age 7.  It also contains operating instructions for each of your habits, which are stored and essentially working on autopilot through subconscious behaviors. In fact, approximately 88% of our decisions are ruled by the subconscious mind, which is why freeing yourself from an  unwanted habit on your own strictly through will power is so difficult."​

"Susan Cutter is very easy to talk to and within minutes I felt I could trust her.  Working with hypnosis, and working with Susan in particular, has allowed me to be the person I always dreamed I could be." Kim

​"Although I knew the realities of hypnosis, rather than the myths, the experience was different than I imagined--very powerful, very subtle.  Rather than reminding myself of a specific goal, I find myself subconsciously prompted one step at a time toward the goal, making it more flowing and less over-thought.  This unconscious prompting has been working in all my target areas. The suggestion to be more intuitive, rather than rational, worked--the effect in riding the subway alone improves my day, and that was one of the small goals."  Daniel

The Power of Hypnosis

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Susan Cutter is a certified Consulting Hypnotist and a National Guild of Hypnotists member