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Therapeutic Touch, also known as TT, is accepted as a contemporary energy medicine modality by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part of the National Institute of Health.

TT is a gentle but powerful energy healing method based on the following assumptions:

  • Healing is a natural human potential.

  • When someone is ill, there is an imbalance in the flow of energy (Chi, Qi, Prana) which weakens the person's natural healing potential.

  • By re-balancing a person's energy field, TT removes blockages, thus strengthening your natural restorative powers and optimizing your body’s ability to heal itself. 

Therapeutic Touch is a scientifically based practice. Experimental research of TT has been conducted at major hospital centers and universities by scientists in nursing and related fields since TT's inception in 1971. The studies consistently show a significant increase in hemoglobin levels in the healer-treated group.Even cancer patients have been shown to have increased hemoglobin levels after TT sessions, in spite of treatment with agents that would predictably do the opposite.

Although it has been said that you must “believe” in it for Therapeutic Touch to work, it has been used successfully with premature babies and patients in comas. In fact, patients coming out of a coma for the first time have spoken the nicknames of the nurses who practiced Therapeutic Touch on them! There are now approximately 100,000 people trained in TT in the United States, Canada and around the world.

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What is Therapeutic Touch?


During a TT session, you remain fully clothed and may either sit on a chair or lie on a treatment table.  Treatment can be given with some hands-on contact or with no contact - whichever you prefer.  The practitioner slowly sweeps their hands from above your head to beyond your feet, typically touching your shoulders, lower legs and feet. You may feel tingling, warmth - or nothing at all.  In either case, TT induces a state of deep relaxation and peace as your energy field is re-balanced.

"Susan is an excellent practitioner! She is professional, empathetic and a VERY powerful healer. Being well-versed in healing arts myself, I was very impressed by her skills and got some relief from her TT and Reiki treatments quickly! Additionally, Susan is a lovely person, very caring and kind." Debbie